Our Process

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, leverage the power of performance creatives and watch your conversion rates go through the roof.

Data-backed UGC production

Your creatives go through a in-depth process designed by experienced performance marketers. We handle everything from strategy, sourcing creators, shooting and editing. From idea to final videos - we create direct response Ads with Performance at the forefront of our strategy.

Video Creative Brief

We boost your Performance in 4 steps

Number 1

Submit Your Request

Give us information about your business, the product or service you need content for and what makes your business unique. Send us your Brand Guide and the target audience you are going after. Pick the number of videos and creators you need and let us do the rest.

Number 2

Video Strategy & Script

In this stage we start creating video concepts that best align with your target audience and your product Unique Selling Points. Then we create enough Ad Variations in order to explore different ways of presenting your product or service. We carefully script everything to be adapted to the social media platforms.

Number 3

Video Shooting & Editing

This is where the magic happens. Our production team brings your ad storyboards to life. We shoot unboxing videos, testimonials, demos, lifestyle shots, product shots, and selfies. We manage different Creators that best match your product. 
The biggest difference here is that we have CONTROL of all creators and we precisely shoot everything until it is done. Then we edit it with our post production wizards and spice everything with Direct Response copywriting

Number 4

Your Videos are Ready

After feedback from your side and if you need some adjustments, videos are ready to go live. In this process we explore deep partnership for Content Creation so we seek your feedback of the video performance so your next videos be even more performing.

Up to 6 times better conversion rate
Custom scripts and different creative Ad angles
Video edits that are made and adapted to the platform
Trendy Ads with flawless video transitions

Our home studio

Designed to be native but planned and shoot professionally. Take a look of what is happening on the backlog of your creative production.

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Cake photoshoot
Photoshoot with man in suit
Team with Lazar Angelov photoshoot
Photoshoot with dominos pizza

UGC Studio VS UGC platform?


Most of the UGC platforms

You don’t have control of what creators will shoot
The light is poor
Sound is bad
They send raw video materials
Communication is slow
You write you own script and AD concepts

Team of performance UGC experts

We control each frame when shooting
 your products
We have lightning equipment
The sound is very good
Video ads are ready to be tested
Communication is super quick
We write the Script and AD Concept from our trained strategists & marketers

We deliver to every part of the world

No matter where your company is located, we have been working with brands in 4 continents. Just send us your product and we will make the magic for you.

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